The Irish Americans

In 2008 the American Community Survey found out that almost 37 Mio Americans have Irish ancestors – that means that the diaspora is almost six times higher than the Irish population itself and it is still rising.
Back in the days, immigration to the USA meant a lot of power of endurance to survive the long journey to America. It is amazing when you take a look on the people who founded, ruled and still influence the United States of America today – everyone knows their names but nobody about their origin. Among the most important American people with Irish ancestors were, for example, many presidents of the United States until now. Even Obama has some Irish ancestors, since his mother is half Irish.

New Possilibities

Nowadays, it is a lot easier for the Irish folk to emigrate to the United States than back in the days. There are several opportunities to become an American citizen – but many of them are really complex and demand a lot of preparation before being able to take the next step. Others are more simple and even guarantee the applicants further support and all permits which are needed to stay in the United States of America. With a little luck, you can for example, win a lottery and move to the country of opportunity. If you think „I want to get my greencard as soon as possible„, you will have the chance to get a full packages which enables you to stay and work overseas. BUT: unfortunately, this only applies to the inhabitants of the Republic of Ireland since the United Kingdom does not participate in that program.

Winning the lottery now sounds as if chances of winning could be rather unlikely, but winning the greencard lottery is absolutely possible since every 25th wins a ticket and already 16.000 GreenCards have been won over the last years.

So everyone who still also feels the „Irish Urge“ to try it in the land of opportunities – do not hold back and try.

Getting the chance to try something new, begin a whole new life and create a new perspective for yourself can never be wrong.