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    Import and export business should choose a professional agency

      Shanghai Zhongshen is a professional foreign trade import and export agency, and it is your best choice for foreign trade cooperation~

      Business is about integrity. Serious businessmen care about their goodwill. Even the smartest businessmen are at least doing business in a proper manner.

      But often some people not only don't care about goodwill or even have no credibility at all, they are liars.

      In the import and export business, if it is a small loss for cooperation, it is basically acceptable to everyone, after all, there are profits and losses in doing business. But encountering trade fraud is another matter.

      Today's scammers are advancing with the times, and the means of fraud are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Many "veterans" in foreign trade will fall into the trap if they are not careful, let alone foreign trade "xiaobai". But the liar is a liar after all, and the fake is not true. As long as you are careful enough, you can avoid loss by catching their protruding feet.

      Today I will share three tricks to prevent fraud.

      1. Contract signing must be rigorous

      The written contract is serious and rigorous, with strong certainty, openness and caution. In the event of a trade dispute, the contract is the strongest evidence to determine the negligent party. Therefore, in order to avoid falling into the trap of foreign trade fraud and prevent buyers from colluding to harm our interests, we need to sign detailed and rigorous contracts with customers; this includes the listing of price, quality, payment, specifications, transportation and other implementation methods. And a strict arbitration treaty.

      In foreign trade transactions, some salesmen value the quantity and amount of orders more than the quality of orders. This leads to the fact that once a customer decides to place an order, whether it is good or bad, whether it is true or false, it will be included in the bag, thinking that signing a contract is just a "walk through the scene". This idea is actually very fatal and often gives scammers room to play.

      If the contract is drawn up by the customer, we need to carefully read the relevant items of interest before signing. We should point out the doubts and concerns in person and jointly agree on the executable method. This can effectively reduce malicious clauses and fraudulent clauses in the contract, and to a large extent can prevent the company from suffering losses.

      2. Clever use of letter of credit

      In foreign trade transactions that allow crooks to take advantage of large amounts or delivery in batches, we should take necessary measures to mitigate risks, including the use of revolving credits.

      A revolving letter of credit is different from a general letter of credit: the latter becomes invalid immediately after use; while the former can be used repeatedly. Its advantage lies in the fact that the importer can save the cost of issuance without having to issue multiple certificates, and at the same time, it can simplify the procedures for the exporter’s review and change of certificates, which is conducive to the performance of the contract-which is what scammers do not want. See the result.

      The review of customer letters of credit is also very important. Once a counterfeit letter of credit or "soft term" letter of credit is found, you can take up the weapon of law to protect your rights and interests.

      3. Customer surveys are very important

      When we develop a new customer, we need to conduct a comprehensive investigation to determine the authenticity of the customer, understand the customer’s credibility and word of mouth, and eliminate scammers from the root cause. It also allows us to take a "reassurance" before sending the goods. .

      There are roughly the following methods to investigate the authenticity and reputation of customers:

      1. To understand the customer's import situation in the past year through customs data: Is the product imported? What is the import cycle? Is the purchase in the import cycle? How much is the import amount...... Use this as a comparison to judge the authenticity of the customer. If it is a reliable real customer, you can also judge whether it is a matching buyer through in-depth analysis of customs data. Easyhome website: The web link can query free customs data, and also query the corporate portrait of the company where the customer is located, which is very helpful for investigating the authenticity and credibility of the customer.

      2. Through relevant institutions such as banks, overseas chambers of commerce, CITIC Insurance, etc., you can understand the customer's business conditions in the past years, understand the customer's debt situation and repayment ability.

      3. Through the online credit check website, you can directly obtain the customer's reputation report. Internationally well-known websites for checking company credit include: Moody's MOODYS, Fitch Rating, etc. As long as the company is not particularly small, it can be found.

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    Post time: Jul-06-2021

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