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    Professional import and export trade agent
    Thoughtful and responsible service team
    • zhongshentrade@qq.com
    • (+86)139 1787 2118

    International logistics service

    Short description:

      Shanghai Zhongshen International Trade Co., Ltd. is a company approved by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce to establishMainly import and export foreign trade agencyA specialized, diversified and multi-functional comprehensive foreign trade enterprise. The company specializes in foreign trade import and export agency business for 19 years, and has a professional team proficient in import and export trade, specializing in import and export services of various commodities and technologies. Import and export commodities involve more than 20 categories and thousands of varieties, and trade customers are all over the world.

    Detailed information

    International logistics services:

      The company has a large number of professionals in the field of foreign trade, which can provide "one-stop" services for import and export agency, covering: export agency service, import agency service, import and export settlement, export tax rebate, trade plan planning, license agency, import and export Customs clearance, customs declaration and inspection, door-to-door service, etc.

      We have always adhered to the principles of "contract-honoring, trustworthy" and "professional and thoughtful" to establish good cooperative relations with new and old customers at home and abroad, and have been unanimously recognized by global partners and customers.

      (1) Honesty and professionalism: Honoring contracts, keeping promises, and honesty first are our important principles. Provide professional import and export consulting services, and formulate a complete set of personalized and customized trade plans according to customer needs.
      (2) Thoughtful service: consider empathy, always consider from the perspective of customers, and provide thoughtful and meticulous service.
      (3) Multinational procurement and sales centers: provide multinational companies with full coverage support: order centers, settlement centers, document centers, distribution centers, information centers, etc. Simplify the procurement and sales process, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.
      (4) "One-stop" foreign trade agency: Provide import and export declarations, import foreign exchange payments, export tax rebates, import and export certificates, etc. for all ports across the country.

      The company has a mature foreign trade logistics network and has established long-term strategic partnerships with many shipping companies and airlines. Undertake the international logistics transportation business of domestic import and export goods, foreign trade ocean shipping, air transportation, land transportation, and railway international transportation in Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Tianjin, Dalian, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other ports. The company has always adhered to the principles of "contract-honoring, trustworthy", "professional and efficient". Keep up with the times, give full play to the advantages of the overall foreign trade network, open up operations for domestic and overseas markets, and strive to become the best service provider for customers all over the world.??

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