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    Professional import and export trade agent
    Thoughtful and responsible service team
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    Agent import service

    Short description:

      The company has a large number of professionals in the field of foreign trade. The import agency department provides professional "one-stop" import agency services for foreign companies engaged in international import business, foreign companies' purchasing offices in China, domestic manufacturers, and trading companies. Covers: agency import, agency purchase and payment of foreign exchange, agency foreign exchange declaration, agency settlement, trade plan planning, license agency, agency import logistics, agency customs clearance, door-to-door service, etc. We have always adhered to the principles of "contract-honoring, trustworthy", "professional and efficient" and have established good cooperative relations with new and old customers at home and abroad, and have been widely recognized by global partners and customers.

    Detailed information

    Agent import service:

      1. Main service objects of import agent:

      The company's agency import department provides professional one-stop import agency services for foreign companies, foreign companies' purchasing offices in China, domestic manufacturers, and trading companies engaged in international import business.

      2. Advantages of choosing Zhongshen International Trade:

      1. Honesty is our top priority: honoring contracts, keeping promises, and honesty first are our most important principles.
      2. Quick payment: complete the payment on the same day, or the next working day.
      3. Thoughtful and responsible: formulate a complete set of personalized and customized trade and logistics plans according to the needs of customers. Think empathy, always consider from the perspective of customers, and provide thoughtful and meticulous service.
      4. Professional consulting: foreign trade import consulting, comprehensive solutions for import trade and supply chain, special import document agency, import customs clearance, import distribution, import settlement on behalf of all foreign trade import agency services.

      Three.The main process of import agency service:

      1. Sign an entrusted agent import agreement with the customer;
      2. Entrusted by customers, sign foreign trade procurement contracts with foreign companies;
      3. The customer arranges payment: import payment, bank fees and agency fees. In the case of prepayment by T/T wire transfer, the payment is made to the foreign merchant first; in the case of cash on delivery, the payment of the goods will be arranged after the arrival of the goods. In the payment method of L/C letter of credit, the customer pays the deposit first, and Shanghai Zhongshen International Trade Co., Ltd. then issues the letter of credit;
      4. International freight forwarding: Arranged by foreign businessmen or local agents designated by Shanghai Zhongshen International Trade to pick up the goods at the place of delivery, go through foreign export procedures, arrange sea, air or China-Europe trains, and deliver them to designated domestic ports;
      5. Acting for all kinds of import licenses: out of 3C catalog, non-energy efficiency appraisal, mechanical and electrical certificate, automatic import license, import certificate of endangered species, etc.;
      6. After the goods arrive at the domestic port, prepare a full set of import documents and arrange import customs clearance;
      7. The customer pays import taxes to the designated account of Shanghai Zhongshen International Trade, which is used to pay import duties and import value-added taxes, and prepay customs clearance fees;
      8. After the goods are released, arrange door-to-door delivery and insurance;
      9. Expenses incurred by the import agency for issuing a statement of account: such as customs declaration fees, inspection fees, distribution fees, towing fees, unpacking fees, license fees, inspection fees, etc. A special VAT invoice will be issued afterwards.

      You are welcome to call us, and we will definitely provide you with high-quality, professional and thoughtful service attentively!

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