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    Professional import and export trade agent
    Thoughtful and responsible service team
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    Agent export service

    Short description:

      The company has a large number of professionals in the field of foreign trade. The company's agency export department focuses on providing professional "one-stop" export agency services for foreign companies engaged in international export business, foreign company purchasing offices in China, domestic manufacturers, and trading companies. Covers: agency for export, agency for foreign exchange collection, agency for foreign exchange declaration, agency for settlement, agency for export tax rebate, trade plan planning, license agency, agency for export declaration, door-to-door service, etc. We have always adhered to the principles of "contract-honoring, trustworthy", "professional and efficient" and have established good cooperative relations with new and old customers at home and abroad, and have been widely recognized by global partners and customers.

    Detailed information

    Agent export service:

      One.Main service objects of agency export:

      The company's agency export department focuses on providing professional one-stop export agency services for foreign companies, foreign companies' purchasing offices in China, domestic manufacturers, and trading companies.

      Two.Advantages of choosing Zhongshen International Trade:

      1. Honesty is our top priority: honoring contracts, keeping promises, and honesty first are our most important principles.
      2. Quick payment: complete the payment on the same day, or the next working day.
      3. Thoughtful and responsible: formulate a complete set of personalized and customized trade and logistics plans according to the needs of customers. Think empathy, always consider from the perspective of customers, and provide thoughtful and meticulous service.
      4. Professional consultation: foreign trade export consultation and comprehensive export supply chain solutions, export booking, export customs clearance, export special document application, payment collection, export tax rebate and a full set of export agency services.
      5. Multinational procurement: Provide full coverage support for multinational companies: order center, fund settlement center, document center, logistics distribution center, information center, etc. Simplify the procurement process, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.
      6. Full network coverage to reduce costs: Long-term import and export agency business has been carried out in Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Xiamen and other ports, with trading partners all over the world: the United States, Canada, Russia, and the European Union (Germany, France, Italy) , Netherlands, Sweden,), Britain, Denmark, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, ASEAN (Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam), the Middle East, etc., the company has a complete Logistics supply chain network.?

      Three.The main process of agency export service:

      1. Shanghai Zhongshen International Trading signs an entrusted agent export agreement with the customer, and at the same time the customer confirms the price and trade terms with the foreign businessman, and signs the purchase order;
      2. Sign foreign trade sales contracts or issue proforma invoices with foreign companies according to customer needs;
      3. According to the terms of the contract, foreign merchants T/T wire transfer payment to Shanghai Zhongshen International Trade, after deduction of agency fees and other corresponding payments after the settlement of foreign exchange, pay to the customer's designated RMB account; L/C letter of credit terms, after the export procedures , Submit a full set of documents: such as invoice, packing list, bill of lading, certificate of origin, draft and other documents required by the letter of credit to the negotiating bank;
      4. According to product information, make HS pre-classification; determine export supervision conditions and confirm export tax rebate rate;
      5. Customers provide export data: number of boxes, number of pieces, net gross weight, volume, etc. Shanghai Zhongshen International Trade Co., Ltd. will produce a full set of export declaration documents;
      6. According to the terms of trade, arrange booking, door-to-door trailer, customs declaration and inspection, sea and air transportation, China-Europe railway transportation, confirmation of bill of lading, foreign customs clearance, logistics and distribution, etc.;
      7. After the ship is opened, make a full set of foreign customs clearance documents: packing list, invoice, certificate of origin and other required documents
      8. The customer sends a full set of export documents to the foreign company to arrange import customs clearance and delivery;
      9. After receiving the foreign exchange payment, issue a statement to deduct the expenses incurred by the agency export: towing fees, customs declaration and inspection fees, port construction fees, terminal operation fees, sea freight, etc.; calculate the tax refund amount, and the customer will issue a special VAT invoice .
      10. Additional services, agency services such as China Export Credit Insurance, Whole Cargo Transportation Insurance and Product Liability Insurance.
      You are welcome to call us, and we will definitely provide you with high-quality, professional and thoughtful service attentively!

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