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    Professional import and export trade agent
    Thoughtful and responsible service team
    • zhongshentrade@qq.com
    • (+86)139 1787 2118

      Shanghai Zhongshen International Trade Co., Ltd. is a company approved by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce to establishMainly import and export foreign trade agencyA specialized, diversified and multi-functional comprehensive foreign trade enterprise. The company specializes in foreign trade import and export agency business for 19 years, and has a professional team proficient in import and export trade, specializing in import and export services of various commodities and technologies. Import and export commodities involve more than 20 categories and thousands of varieties, and trade customers are all over the world.

      The company has a large number of professionals in the field of foreign trade, which can provide "one-stop" services for import and export agency, covering: export agency service, import agency service, import and export settlement, export tax rebate, trade plan planning, license agency, import and export Customs clearance, customs declaration and inspection, door-to-door service, etc.

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    • 進出口業務為何選擇外貿代理公司
      Why choose foreign trade agency for import and export business
        Shanghai Import and Export Agency: Because of the existence of the Internet, a part of our lives has been networked. From the purchase of goods to the ordering of tickets, online ordering has basically been realized. Judging from the speed of network coverage in recent years, the future import and export declarations must be networked, even now it has been achieved...
    • 進出口業務要選擇專業的代理公司
      Import and export business should choose a professional agency
        Shanghai Zhongshen is a professional foreign trade import and export agency, and it is your best choice for foreign trade cooperation~ Doing business pays attention to integrity. Serious businessmen care about their goodwill, even the smartest businessmen. At least it's doing well...
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