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Spending a weekend in London

Every now and then people just need to leave their everyday lives behind and experience something new that recharges their batteries. No matter if it is a wellness trip to a spa, a vacation to a foreign country or a weekend spent in a place one has never been to before, getting out once in a while and getting new input is vital for one’s well-being.

A trip to an interesting city that offers many attractions in historical and cultural aspects is often a good idea since there is a multitude of things to do. Sightseeing tours, visits to theatres and museums or shopping tours are just some of the activities one can indulge in.

In order to not spend a lot of money on getting there in the first place, destinations that aren’t a long distance away are good choices. One of the best goals for Dubliners is certainly London, the English capital. Being one of the world’s most famous capitals, it offers everything one may potentially seek. From world-famous sightseeing-spots like Westminster Abbey, Nelson’s column in Trafalgar Square, Big Ben or the Houses of Parliament to Madame Tussaud’s, the National Gallery or the London Eye, there is something for every taste.

Getting around the comfortable way

In order to really make the most out of city trip to London, one should keep in mind that for the duration of the stay, one shouldn’t care about expenses too much. After all, the purpose of the trip is to enjoy oneself, to have a good time and to relax. Therefore, one should treat oneself to things that make one’s stay comfortable and guarantee having a good idea. Two good examples for this are food and transport. Eating healthy and good food isn’t only a pleasure in itself but it also provides one with the energy that is necessary to get around and see as much as possible. In terms of transport one should keep in mind that London is a metropolis that is naturally very crowded. In order to save oneself a lot of trouble and time that would otherwise be lost waiting for the tube or bus, one can make use of the possibility of either renting a car or booking a limousine service such as BlackLane. The latter is especially recommendable since prices are just a little above taxi fares and one spares oneself the trouble of finding one’s way through an unknown city. The drivers are always familiar with the city in question which is especially beneficial in a huge city like London.

This way, one can leave everything to the driver, relax and gain new energy all while comfortably looking out of the window and watching the city-life go by.


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Junger Geschäftsmann mit Aktenkoffer schaut hinter sich

How business people travel

Traveling can take on many forms. Some people want to travel as cheaply as possible and rely on hitchhiking, others want to take their car with them wherever they go, and others want the journey to be over as soon as possible and take the plane whenever it’s possible.

It always depends on one’s personal character, the time on has at one’s disposal as well as the budget for the trip. Specific kinds of trips are the one business people do undertake. They don’t go to another country for sightseeing and recovery but rather to have meetings with business partners, sign contracts and make business deals. As a consequence their ways of traveling are completely different than the ones described above.

Plane, limousine and special service

Since it is often vital to leave a good impression on one’s business partners in order to make deals take place, expenses are rarely spared if one welcomes a business client in one’s own country. Plane tickets are usually first class, and taxis and hotel rooms are booked well in advance to make sure that everything goes right and that the stay is as comfortable as possible. Often, the taxi is even replaced with a limousine service like the one offered at http://www.blacklane.com/en in order to guarantee the client or partner the best service possible. Not only is a limousine a great and impressive sight but also the driver can function as a guide who has valuable of information about the respective city at his disposal. Furthermore, people working as chauffeurs are nearly always multilingual and thus problems concerning communication are likely not to arise.

Hotels and short stays

Similar to the plane tickets, the hotels where business partners live during the time of theirs stays are top-notch. Most of the time, they are located in a very central location to guarantee fast rides with the limousine. Since business trips do however, often only have the purpose of meeting, bargaining or signing a contract, they often do not last long. Depending on what exactly the purpose of the trip is, a business trip often takes just a day. Not seldom, however, several business trips take place one after the other meaning that business people often visit several cities or even continents in a relatively short time. As long as great service is guaranteed, however, this shouldn’t be a problem at all.


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The Irish Americans

In 2008 the American Community Survey found out that almost 37 Mio Americans have Irish ancestors – that means that the diaspora is almost six times higher than the Irish population itself and it is still rising.
Back in the days, immigration to the USA meant a lot of power of endurance to survive the long journey to America. It is amazing when you take a look on the people who founded, ruled and still influence the United States of America today – everyone knows their names but nobody about their origin. Among the most important American people with Irish ancestors were, for example, many presidents of the United States until now. Even Obama has some Irish ancestors, since his mother is half Irish.

New Possilibities

Nowadays, it is a lot easier for the Irish folk to emigrate to the United States than back in the days. There are several opportunities to become an American citizen – but many of them are really complex and demand a lot of preparation before being able to take the next step. Others are more simple and even guarantee the applicants further support and all permits which are needed to stay in the United States of America. With a little luck, you can for example, win a lottery and move to the country of opportunity. If you think „I want to get my greencard as soon as possible„, you will have the chance to get a full packages which enables you to stay and work overseas. BUT: unfortunately, this only applies to the inhabitants of the Republic of Ireland since the United Kingdom does not participate in that program.

Winning the lottery now sounds as if chances of winning could be rather unlikely, but winning the greencard lottery is absolutely possible since every 25th wins a ticket and already 16.000 GreenCards have been won over the last years.

So everyone who still also feels the „Irish Urge“ to try it in the land of opportunities – do not hold back and try.

Getting the chance to try something new, begin a whole new life and create a new perspective for yourself can never be wrong.